Jessica Dennis

"Jess has run a wide range of accent sessions with Flux Theatre from American to Welsh to Yorkshire. She is a breath of fresh air and her sessions fizzle with energy. She creates a safe space for anyone to have a go and participants leave with a set of phrases and techniques to apply to their own practice. Couldn’t recommend Jess highly enough!"
Georgi Staight
Joint Artistic Director of Flux Theatre
"The first time Jess helped me with an accent for an audition, I got the job. I'd never done the accent before but she explained it really simply and helped me practise. She makes you feel safe and not scared to make a fool of yourself through teaching in playful ways while building your confidence. English is my second language so I thought it was impossible for me to get a job in a regional UK accent, but Jess helped me change that belief. Literally. Cause she got me a job."
Nenda Neururer
actor, writer
"I love my one on one sessions with Jess. I started off saying ‘I can’t do an American accent’ and she told me there’s always a way in, and she really does find that way in. She can work out exactly what’s happening with my tongue and lips by my sound and knows how to guide me to create the right one. It’s sort of magic! And the more I do as she says, the more it works and starts to feel natural and flows. Her knowledge of accents is incredible - can’t recommend her highly enough."
Anna Bernard
"Jess is simply brilliant! She made me feel comfortable to make mistakes and she was great at fixing those mistakes in a matter of moments with grace and clarity. If you're scared of an accent Jess is the lady who'll remove the fear and give you love for it. Thank you so much for building my confidence."
Marieme Diouf
"I've read books, I've watched movies, I’ve done online courses, but, meeting Jessica has taking me to another level. I finally understand vocal muscle control. The way she describes things is very easy to understand and replicate. Jessica knows how to challenge me every time, I love all her classes."
Simona Martini
"With just a few short voice messages, Jess helped me develop a subtle and convincing West Country accent, steering me away from the vague impression I was so quickly bulldozing towards, to something more authentic that felt like a suitable fit for me to portray. With clarity and joy, she explained the dominant vocal sounds that I needed to focus on and practice, giving me the knowledge and confidence to continue working on the accent myself. Jess’s teaching style is skilled, very fun and encouraging. Its just a huge pleasure to work with her!"
Andrea Matthea-Laing