Jessica Dennis

In this time of social distancing and Zooms, gone are the visual cues we rely on for normal communication and so the way we use our voice has never been more important.

I can give you the technique to combat nerves and gain greater control over your voice, to become a more relaxed and engaging public speaker. 

Whether you have an important presentation that you’d like one to one help with or if you’d like to help your team to become better communicators I can tailor make sessions to suit your needs.

‘I didn’t understand how people could speak publicly with ease and confidence when I couldn’t even string a sentence together without nerves being blindingly obvious; hurrying & falling over my words. After a coaching session with Jess she taught me the secret. Turns out I wasn’t breathing! The techniques she taught me have enabled me to sound confident and eloquently deliver presentations as if I’d been doing so forever. So Thanks Jess!’
Nicola Montalbano
Head of Cardiac Physiology at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust
'Jessica has been helping me with my presentation skills, working on diction, breathing and intonation so that I can pitch more clearly as part of my work. Not only has Jessica helped me greatly with my breath control and voice, but more importantly, she empowered me, making me more comfortable giving speeches and making me more confident despite my sometimes pronounced accent. Thanks again Jessica!'
Julia Berthou
Investable Index Solutions at JP Morgan