Jessica Dennis

  • She creates a safe space for anyone to have a go…

    Couldn’t recommend Jess highly enough!

    Georgie Staight

    Joint Artisctic Director Flux Theatre
  • The way she describes things is easy to understand and replicate. 

    Jessica knows how to challenge me every time, I love all her classes!

    Simona Martini

  • The first time Jess helped me with an accent for an audition, I got the job.

    She makes you feel safe, teaching in playful ways while building your confidence.

    Nenda Neururer

    Actor, Writer
  • She told me there’s always a way in, and she really does find that way in. 

    It’s sort of magic! 

    Anna Bernard

  • Jess is simply brilliant!

    If you’re scared of an accent Jess is the lady who’ll remove the fear and give you love for it. 

    Marieme Diouf