Jessica Dennis

Hello! I’m Jessica Dennis and I am a London based actor and accent coach with a real passion for accents. 

Whether you’re swatting up for an audition, perfecting an accent for a job or just feel an overwhelming desire to learn something new, I can help you feel comfortable, confident and fluid with your new accent. 

 I tailor sessions to suit you. So if you’re a visual learner, want to know exactly what your mouth is up to or learn best by listening to recordings later, we can create a session that is best for you.

 I’m flexible with timings and offer one to ones and group classes, both regular and one offs, to suit your learning style, time constraints and budget.

As an actor that’s had to learn a lot of accents, I’ve learned that there is so much more to accent work than phonetics and tongue placement. It should be fun, flexible and (if you’re on the geeky side like me) fascinating. 

So, if this sounds like what you need, drop me a line and let’s get cracking.